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BUS Homework Circlemajig

The 'majig' is official now.

BUS Homework Circle
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Mission Statement...

Aww, never mind, you get enough of that formal crap in school, right?

Nevertheless, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know the purpose of this community, and lay down some ground rules, so here goes:

Many of us on BUS are students of one form or another. As such, a lot of what we do and think about is academic, school-related. This is a place for BUSsers to discuss academic issues, get study help, and a swift kick in the pants (i.e. "motivation") whenever necessary. This community operates in conjunction with the IRC chatroom #homework on the Shadowfire server. It is password protected, and you can obtain the password by contacting either of the community moderators, book_addict or mkandbrie.


Most of the rules here are common sense...or so you'd think. Nevertheless, we feel it is safer in the long run to spell them out for you now so there are no questions later. The reading of these rules is REQUIRED to join this community.

First, and foremost: There will be NO PLAGIARISM in this community. We understand as well as anyone else the pressures of thinking of a topic, working out an answer, struggling with formats you're unfamiliar with, but plagiarism is unacceptable. It is prohibited in big bold letters in every education institution in the world, and it is equally frowned upon here.

ANYONE found to be REQUESTING or FULFILLING help with homework that results in you claiming credit for work you did not do will be booted immediately from the community and banned from the chatroom, permanently. No chances. No warnings. No exceptions. If you have a problem with this rule, go somewhere else. We might be persuaded to ease up on some of the other guidelines, but you will be talking to a wall if you attempt to change this one.

Also -

If your post is lengthy or goes into a lot of detail, please put it behind an LJ cut. (Here is where you put your actual message. will close your cut tag.)

In the interest of getting you the most help with the least response time, please include the general topic of your question or request when you're making your post. We're not going to jump down your throats if you forget, but if people know what you need, they're more likely to help you out.

While this is not a place to discuss SIing or any of the other topics we use BUS for, we will abide by the standard BUS rules for spoilers. If you're doing a research project on SI, or have questions about related topics that are schoolwork related, you are more than welcome to ask, but be sure to put up your spoilers the same way you would if you were posting to BUS. Potentially triggering material should be kept behind an lj-cut.

Flaming is strictly forbidden. We don't care why you would be inclined to harass or insult someone, just don't do it. If someone gives information that is incorrect, correct them gently. Non-constructive criticism will not be tolerated.

Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete inappropriate posts with or without warning. We solemnly swear to abuse these priveleges for the sole purpose of a power trip.

*edit: Ok, so there was supposed to be a NOT in there somewhere...I like it better the way it is, so I'm leaving it. ;)


Please be patient with us. None of us are superhuman, we don't know everything and everyone runs out of time. If you post a question that you need answered and no one replies, it's perfectly alright to repost if you think it got lost in the woodwork somewhere, but please keep the resentment and pouting to a minimum. We will do our best, as we hope and expect you to, to help when you can, but we ask for your understanding when people don't understand the question, or can't offer assistance. We're here to make school easier for everyone, but we're not (at least most of us aren't, if not all) teachers, and we can only provide what we have.

We hope this will be the beginning of something very wonderful, but bear in mind that we are JUST starting out, so we have a few kinks to work out!

Yours in rambling, The Management