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Oooh, me. Me first. (On difficult professors...mostly) - BUS Homework Circlemajig

About Oooh, me. Me first. (On difficult professors...mostly)

Previous Entry Oooh, me. Me first. (On difficult professors...mostly) Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 11:41 pm Next Entry

Were a nightmare.

I was late for Philosophy because there was NO parking. I got there and the professor was a serious head case...he bashed anything and everything his mind ran across, insulted people to their faces, was just an all-around psycho.

The desks were also too small for my overlarge behind.

English was decent, I suppose, the guy seems to at least be literate and personable, even if he is a little full of himself.

After that I had a break, so I rushed home and immediately (like, almost before putting down my books) called school to drop Philosophy and add Religion 101. It couldn't possibly be worse, so I'm relieved.

I went back for Math, and was late AGAIN, because of traffic and crappy parking.

Those desks were also too small for my huge butt.

And to top it all off, the professor was treating us like we were all kindergartners, which at first I chalked up to her being a patronising kind of person, but quickly I realised that it was because the people I'm stuck in class with have about the intelligence level of kindergartners. We were graphing inequalities, for God's sake, and people were struggling with it. I understand that math doesn't come easy for some people, and I understand that I was jammed into the lower level math class because I tested horribly, but I KNOW THIS STUFF. I've taken pre-calc! I passed it! And now I have to sit through FIVE MONTHS of graphing inequalities and learning what an imaginary number is.
Woe is me.

I have tomorrow off to recover and do homework. I already have homework. I can't see struggling with any of the math stuff, ever, or the English thus far...but in the future.

Anyway, the point to this post was dealing with insane professors, since I have discovered personally today, not for the first time, that there are some out there who are really nuts.

My advice is to drop it like hotcakes.

I understand that's not always an option, but you won't ever learn as efficiently in a class where you resent the teacher and every word coming out of their mouths as you would in a class where the teacher is slightly more grounded in reality and possesses at least a modicum of morals.

So...what's everyone else dealing with?


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Date:January 19th, 2005 04:39 pm (UTC)
Oooh, fun fun easy math!
I'm in a course like that right now. It's supposedly an advanced math, but the only prerequisite is Calculus I. It's funny, because there are some really advanced and interesting concepts being presented, but at the same time the professor feels the need to give definitions of absolute value, derivative, &c.
Last night I spent three hours and seven pages on the homework assignment but it wasn't difficult at all.

Enjoy your day off! I've got about six hours before my next class, in which to read three chapters of Hume...
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